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Spring 2018 public tours were a success!

Fri 8 Jun 18

On Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2, Willamette Falls Legacy Project staff and volunteers welcomed more than two hundred members of the public on tours of the former Blue Heron paper mill site. Participants who were quick enough to claim a ticket, meandered through the site starting at the typically locked gate on historic Main Street.

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Willamette Falls Legacy Project

Willamette Falls is the second most powerful waterfall in North America and an important Oregon historical and cultural treasure. For more than 150 years, its awe-inspiring beauty has been closed to the public. Soon, it won’t be.

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Willamette Falls Riverwalk

The first step in the Willamette Falls Legacy Project is already taking shape: a new riverwalk that connects historic downtown Oregon City to Willamette Falls along the Willamette River. In creating the riverwalk, the project partners are transforming this abandoned site into a world-class public space.

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